Client Project

NSW Ministry of Health (MoH) - JMO Redesign Project

Client Need

Review and revise junior medical officer recruitment campaign* processes to support the move from a tailor-made electronic platform to an integrated statewide model.
*The annual JMO recruitment campaign relies on the collaboration of multiple agencies including eHealth NSW, HealthShare, Ministry of Health, HETI, Local Health Districts Workforce and JMO Managers, Medical Colleges (state, national and international), Medical Recruits, and JMO Wellbeing Units.
~50,000 applications are received for ~ 5,000 positions.

NSW Ministry of Health (MoH) - JMO Redesign Project

Our Approach

Building on previous approaches to accommodate this transition, the project manager worked with the key stakeholders to better understand their needs, and conducted gap analyses and change impact assessments to inform process streamlining proposals and to support the communication of these to stakeholders.

Flexibility in our approach was required throughout the campaign to take into account the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic.


  • Created and supported the development of cross agency workflows
  • Interrogated historic policy and administrative requirements to ensure the integrity of the campaign persisted while removing redundant steps.
  • Communicated formally and informally with key stakeholders to keep all abreast of progress in a swiftly changing ecosystem.