Checkley Training & Consulting

About Checkley Training and Consulting

Checkley Training & Consulting started out as The Checkley Group which was formed in 2007. From the beginning, Checkley has been working with a broad range of organisations delivering mental health training and consulting (including digital health consulting services for hospitals, local health service districts and agencies, and private hospital groups).

In February 2022, the Digital Health part of the company was acquired by Deloitte, and Checkley Training & Consulting emerged to continue delivering training, facilitation and consulting services, primarily relating to mental health and psychological health and safety in the workplace.

We have many years of experience, spanning strategic planning at the board level, corporate learning and development, public education, and mental health training.

Checkley Training & Consulting’s approach is one of enthusiasm and a strong commitment to making learning interesting, interactive and safe. We maximise and leverage off the knowledge and experience that participants bring to the learning environment. With consistently positive feedback for our approach and inclusiveness, we can deliver the best possible training outcomes for your organisation.