Who We Are & What We Do

Project Delivery and IT consultancy for eHealth

Expert consulting focused on healthcare defines The Checkley Group. Whereas a general technology consulting company must spread their energies to understand healthcare, then your business needs, and finally the requirements at hand, we can maximise our head start and focus our energies on combining our knowledge with yours to deliver better projects. The Checkley Group delivers excellence in IT Strategy, Process Optimisation, Service Transformation, Program Management, and Business Case development; our focus is healthcare.

We understand the kind of People, Process and Technology investments needed to enable and meet the growing demands placed on healthcare and how these investments can support your key healthcare initiatives both today and in the future.

We all know there is increasing demand for the healthcare sector to improve patient safety, improve access to care, ensure the right services are being delivered at the right time, enhance the quality of care being provided, and still achieve operational efficiencies are the realities of healthcare service delivery today. Better use and understanding of how and where information and communications technology can enable health care and provide value is critical to achieving any improvements in healthcare service delivery. It is no secret that healthcare professionals are also under tremendous pressures to improve healthcare delivery. Managing multidisciplinary environments and developing plans to support the implementation of service optimisation and the uptake of information and technology solutions through peer consensus is challenging.

The development of a sound healthcare strategy that outlines the direction and value of healthcare initiatives is essential for success. It may seem obvious, but defining a healthcare information and technology strategy is the foundation for setting strategic goals, encouraging positive uptake and contribution to initiatives, and for maximizing investment in areas that align with and will help to achieve improved healthcare delivery.

Many organisations today are asking how they can implement information and technology solutions that provide a complete and accurate client health record in a secure and timely manner. They are also looking to solutions which support clinical leaders, management and executives’ insight into service delivery and quality. Having the ability to collect, analyse, and share information effortlessly, promoting greater collaboration between teams, the healthcare facility and the community in delivering quality patient care is critical – and the tools are now there to achieve it. We can help in the journey through our focus on process optimisation and service transformation, strategy development and on execution through focused effective portfolio and program management.